Perlenbach reservoir            View & bench

Perlenbachstausee (Perlenbach reservoir)

The Perlenbach is a small river and is damed up to a lake before it flows into the Rur river a few kilometeres later in Monschau. The Perlenbach reservoir was complete 1956 and is used as drink water reservoir.

At the eastern side of the lake, there is a nice walking trail. The path to the dam is a bit steep but mostly paved, only the last part is with coarse gravel and the short inclide after the dam continues like this. But then you have a rather even forest track which is above the lake and was great to walk. After walking a while you reache two benches on which you can lie on. From there you have a nice view on the lake. A little bit further the path to the village Höfen branches off. The path continues to the "Höfener Mühle" (mill), another 20 minutes to walk, which is a restaurant.




Photo used under Creative Commons from Ian Sane  © 2014 All rights reserved.

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