Brewery museum

Monschau's historical brewhouse spans 150 years of brewing history

On a tour of the brewing room, fermentation cellars and storage caves, the master brewer himself will initiate you to the secrets of brewing and the diverse beer types. A visit to the historical Felsenkeller ("Rock Cellar"), dynamited into a slate mountain in 1830, is a particularly memorable experience.

A craft brewery, complete with a splendid collection of old brewing equipment, invites the visitor to pause and rest. Interesting guided tours are available for groups of school-age children and adolescents (sale of non-alcoholic beverages only).


In the museum you can see on screens short films, the earlier work was done in the brewery. Furthermore, in the museum a collection of old tools and materials that were once used for brewing beer.

Finally, you can take a look at the spectacular old beer cellar, the Felsenkeller. In 1830 this area was cut by explosives from the mountain and was used to keep the beer cooling throughout the year.



Photo used under Creative Commons from Ian Sane  © 2014 All rights reserved.

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