A stroll through Monschau's old town district and you'll grasp why the city is also called the" gem of the Eifel region" or "Rothenburg of the Rhineland".
For close to 300 years, almost nothing has changed in this historical townscape. The unique and idyllic appeal of its half-timbered and rubble masonry buildings has no equal anywhere.
Apart from the numerous "major"sights, Monschau lets you discover an infinite number of interesting details, from antique doors and lintels to quaint gables and facades.
And if you're into Christmas fairs, you should not miss the Monschau Christmas Market, doubtless one of the most romantic events of its kind in the world. No wonder, its against the background of the Old Town!
Market place
The market square is a nice place with many half-timbered houses and a fountain that you should take a closer look at. As Monschau had been a famous clothier town, the fountain shows some typical craftmen: at the top you'll see the weaver, and on the sides you'll find a dyer and a shearer.


Market place Craftmen fountain



Photo used under Creative Commons from Ian Sane  © 2014 All rights reserved.

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