mustard mill

Monschau is known for its mustard and there’s a mustard mill since 1882 which is still family-owned. You can visit the mill. I was surprised that the room where they produce the mustard is so small, but production of mustard is straightforward: you take mustard flour and mix it with vinegar, salt and spices, and then let it rest. Afterwards, it’s grinded twice between two basalt lave stones. The result is a rather hot mustard, so they let it rest for a day or so in the open air. This then is the “Ur-Rezept”, the classic one. But they also produce other types, like mustard with garlic, with curry, or with Riesling wine. The ingredients for these are mixed with the classic mustard then.
During your visit, you’ll get information about the history of mustard and the production in Monschau and you’ll learn how the production is working. They will show you the live production process with the grinding, and you can look and smell that mustard flour mixture. You also can try the fresh mustard that comes out of the mill, it’s really hotter than the “normal” one. They also have all the other kinds of mustards there to test. 


Photo used under Creative Commons from Ian Sane  © 2014 All rights reserved.

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